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Periodic check-ups and dental cleaning are the best means of your pet's teeth. Tartar build-up will lead to gum inflammation and loss of the teeth's boney structure. Without treatment, this will cause your pet's teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

Infected gums and abscessed teeth are also sources of potential infection to other parts of your pet's body. For example, bacteria can enter the blood stream and damage the heart and other organs. A bad odor from your pet's mouth is a good indication that your pet's teeth need to be cleaned. For more info see below.

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Teeth Cleaning and More

After cleaning your pet's teeth and removing any diseased one's, we then polish the teeth and apply a sealer called Ora Vet. There are several products that you can use after your pet's teeth are cleaned to help the plaque and calculus from building up. Our initial application of OraVet helps provide a barrier to protect your pet's teeth and gums from plaque and calculus buildup due to bacteria. Then one of the following items should be used depending on the doctor recommendation.

One of the items we recommend is the OraVet take home kit so that you may begin the weekly at- home applications of OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel to your pets teeth and gum line. The weekly applications help maintain the protective barrier that the veterinarian established, and take less than 60 seconds. Just spread the gel along your pet's gum line using the applicator supplied. OraVet is also compatible with tooth brushing.

Another item is called PlaqClnz. PlaqClenz comes in a gel or a spray that you apply to your pet's teeth once a day for maintenance and keeping your pet's teeth free from plaque and calculus build up. If your pet already has build up it will take you brushing and plucking the plaque off in addition to the PlaqClnz to help reduce the amount of build up. This product also helps keep your pet's breath fresh and mouth healthy.

Then we have our PlaqueOff product. This product is a seaweed based product that changes the enzymes in the pet's saliva so plaque and calculus do not stick on the teeth. If your pet already has build up it helps make the current build up become porous so it is removed by brushing or cleaning. You only put in a selected amount (depends on pets body weight) on their food and you're done. In order for the plaque to fully come off if your pet has a large build up of it you will have to scrape it off or brush your pet's teeth depending on the severity.

CET Hextra Chews are a good treat for your pet and good for their teeth. The chews are made out of rawhide strips and have Chlorhexidine on it which provides antiseptic activity for up to 24 hours. These chews can be given once a day or even once every other day.

Another item you can use to help keep your pet's teeth clean is the Science Diet T/D Diet. Some clients use it as a food and many use it as a treat just to help get rid of the plaque and tartar. Then use it as maintenance so your pet will not build any plaque or calculus up. This food acts as a toothbrush allowing your pet to get a meal and get his teeth brushed without you having to actually brush their teeth. This can be used in conjunction with the other items above at different times. Most places do require you have a prescription for this food so please ask your veterinarian if this food would benefit your pet.

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