Parastar Plus & Easy Spot

 Parastar Plus (fipronil/cyphenothrin)                        Easy Spot (fipronil)

     We can now mail it to you!

     We are offering a flat mailing rate of $5.00 if you want the product shipped to your mail box.  Your pet has to have been seen at our clinic within the last year to purchase any flea and tick product from our clinic.  If you have any quesitons please feel free to call (208) 323-1210.

     Parastar Plus is a double-action tick and flea treatment that is good for your puppies over the age of 12 weeks and up. It is easy to apply, waterproof and proven fast and effective.  Dog products help in keeping Ticks, Fleas and Chewling lice off.  There are 4 different sizes available for your dog.

     In addition to the dog product they have a cat product Easy Spot that will help take care of fleas. 

Parastar Plus for dogs 12 weeks and over up to 22lbs      $57.50

Parastar Plus for dogs 23lbs - 44lbs                                  $57.50

Parastar Plus for dogs 45lbs - 88lbs                                  $57.50

Parastar Plus for dogs 89lbs - 132lbs                                $57.50

Easy Spot for Cats any size                                               $35.50

For more information on Parastar click here to get to their website.

Help protect your furry ones with Bravecto and Tri-heart Plus. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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