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Is My Pet Overweight?

lrgcat.jpgIf that is a question you have to ask yourself then there is a possibility that your pet is overweight. Over 50 percent of household dogs and cats that are overweight. If your pet is overweight it means that your pet is taking in more calories than they are using. Having an overweight pet can lead to many health problems that may have a long term effect on your pet and your pocket book. In the long run it is best said that controlling the portions your pet gets and not feeding your pet table scraps will help you with your pets weight.


K-9 Weight Management/Exercise Printable Information

    Get A Better Life Challenge Brochure
    Dog Owner's Guide to Healthy Weight Management
    Weight Reduction Programs for Overweight & Obese Dogs
    Every Dog Has His Day of Exercise
    About.com - Is My Pet Overweight?
    Website: Stop Canine Obesity


Kitty Weight Management/Exercise Printable Information

    Get A Better Life Challenge Brochure
    Weight Reduction Programs for Cats
    Cat exercises (Cat Channel.com)

**Remember that if your pet is overweight the first thing to try is cutting your pets food intake. Obviously if your pet is overweight the amount of calories your pet is taking in is more than they need. If your pet looks at you with those sad little eyes and is insisting you give them more food, resist the urge. It will not be good for them!!! You may also put some broccoli or carrots in with their food to help them feel like they are getting more food. It is very important that any pet on a diet get feed measured amount of food twice daily, your pet is able to matabalize that food better twice a day than once a day. Puppies depending on age may need to be feed more while they are still young. Ask your veterinarian if you have any questions.

How much should you feed your pet? The bag says to feed......... Remember that the bag says to feed the amount of food that is designated for what weight your pet should be and not is. If you pet is 80lbs and should be 56lbs. You need to feed your pet the correct amount for the 56lb dog minus 20 percent.

IF after 1 month of lower food intake your pets weight has not gone down then you need to reevaluate how much food you are giving, are there any table scrapes being given, if anyone is giving extra food, if someone else is giving extra treats, and what kind of food is being given. Some foods are higher in calories and are richer than others and that will effect how much food your pet will need. Please call your veterinarian if you have any furthur questions.

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